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Casa dos Loros was built in 2005 by German architect and painter.  All materials used in construction of the house down to the floor tiles, circuit breakers, and German style top-opening windows were shipped to Costa Rica in a crate directly from Germany.  The house was purchased in 2007 by its current owners, Californian's Lisandra and Franklin.

The house address describes its location 100 meters east of the ICE telephone tower. Costa Rican addresses are customarily expressed in relation to the closest community landmark:

100 Este de la Central Telefonica del ICE
Samara Beach, Guanacaste,
Costa Rica

The house sits on a 2700 square meter lot (0.6 acres), 150 meters from the sand at the quiet east end of Samara Beach next to Hideaway Hotel.  The house is located approximately one mile away from the main down town of Samara Beach ~ close enough to walk into town for lunch, far enough to experience the tranquility of the wilderness.