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Samara beach is an ideal tropical setting, stretching about 3 km of white sand end to end, against a backdrop of palm trees and lush green vegetation.  The water is shallow, only chest deep for hundreds of feet out, and there is no rip tide, making the water safe for less experienced swimmers.

Island Choro

Isla Chora, an uninhabited island home to colonies of maritime birds, can be reached by kayak.  It has it’s own rare and isolated pink sand beach.  During the rainy season on the coast just opposite Chora island you can hike amongst the tide pools and natural waterfalls.  This section of the beach is rarely visited by tourists staying in main Samara and is quite pristine.


There are many fun and exotic activities you may want to check out in and around Samara once you’ve had your fill of relaxing on the beach.  There are numerous tours to book including fishing, scuba and snorkeling, and canopy.  More information for birdwatching, horseback riding and nature tours can be found here.

Samara beach is a popular spot for surfing and has its own surf school offering lessons year round.  Samara also has its own international language school, Intercultura , which offers extesive Spanish classes to students from around the world. 

Samara also has an active nightlife, especially during the high season (November - April), when there are more tourists in town.  There are a number of excellent restaurants we can personally recommend:

- El Lagarto: the best barbeque anywhere... in our opinion.  Features rib-eye, T-bone steaks and pork cuts.  Fish and other seafood is fresh caught from the ocean.  My personal favorite is there barbequed vegetarian platter with potatoes, tomatoes and portabello.  Served with and a glass of red wine ~ heaven on earth.

- El Manglar: Just up the road leading down to the beach spot of El Lagarto.  They serve excellent Italian food.

- El Samareno: a small restaurant in the center of town serves delicious Italian and local dishes. 

- El Ancla: Franklin’s favorite.  Particularly the fresh caught Pargo (Red Snapper) served with fries right on the beach front.

- Las Brasas: on the corner of the main street down town.  Spanish and international cuisine.  Specializes in seafood - fresh fish, lobster, shrimp and crab.  A wine menu includes an international wine selection.